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Observe and measure the curving and warping of electronic parts and boards due to thermal stress, using actual reflow conditions.
  • Measure the warping of a part or board due to heat.
  • A laser on the underside measures the displacement in both X and Y-axis directions.
  • 19-point configuration and selectable temperature setting allow for the measurement of warping trends.
  • Dedicated software analyzes the displacement measurement data.
  • Optional video monitoring system enables you to observe and record the melting process of the solder.
Item Specification
Applicable Circuit Board Up to 70W x 70L x 10H mm
Outer Dimension 652W x 411D x 425H mm
Heating Method Upper-face : Extreme infrared radiation with hot air
Lower-face : Extreme infrared radiation
Cooling Method Flowing air or N2 air (with flow adjustable valve)
Power Supply 200V 50/60Hz 1.6kVA 3Phase
Air 0.3 - 0.5MPa 100 liter/min (Maximum)
O2 Concentration in Furnace (when using N2) 100ppm minimum
PCB Installation Flat plate system (heat resistant glass or ceramic coated plate)
Upper-Heater Hot air heater  : Approx. 675W 
(Approx.75W x 3 x 2lines+Approx.225W x 1)
 * Deviation to the standard nozzle can be set.
Extreme infrared radiation heater : Approx. 360W
Lower-Heater Extreme infrared radiation heater : Approx. 360W
Temp. Accuracy 5C maximum
(Maximum range : 50(W) x 50(L)mm in the center)
Measuring Temp. Range Room temp. - 330°C
Measuring Points points
N2 Gas Supply Function 100 liter/min. with flow regulating valve during operation.
Weight Approx. 50kg


Item Specification
Displacement A laser displacement measuring sensor reads warpage from below the sample.
Measuring Range X and Y-axis : Max 70mm,  Z : Reference point 0 - 3mm
Resolution (Warpage Measurement System) Max 0.2μm
Laser X-Y Movement Speed Max 45mm/s (without acceleration and deceleration)
Measurement Points Up to 19
(Continual measurement at specified time / temp)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.