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Eightech’s new AJ08M Series AIr Reflow Oven has pushed the limits of optimal cost/performance.

  • Low cost. Low power results in lower initial start-up costs, as well as running costs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Highly insulated cool cover.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Light & compact.

Model AJ8M-8 AJ08M-10 AJ08M-12
Heating Zones 8 10 12
Power Requirements 3Φ 200V 62A 3Φ 200V 78A 3Φ 200V 93A
Start-up Power Max.21(kw) Max.26(kw) Max.31(kw)
Running Power Approx.6.6(kw) Approx.8.3(kw) Approx.9.8(kw)
Size Length 3,987 (mm)
4,776 (mm) 5,625 (mm)
Width 1,043 (mm)
Height 1,350 (mm)
Weight Approx. 1,200 (kg) Approx. 1,450 (kg) Approx. 1,700 (kg)
Heater Length 2,680 (mm) 3,340 (mm) 3,980 (mm)
PCB Width 50~400 (mm)
PCB Lenth 70~500(mm)
Board Height Top-side:30 (mm) Bottom-side:27 (mm)